Fried Pickles

I think I first heard of fried pickles a few years ago around the Snooki/Jersey Shore era. I remember getting so excited because Snooki was talking about them and if she liked them, I would, of course (middle school logic). I tried them at the Big E and thought they were okay, but I didn’t lose hope there. I tried them again at Mystic Pizza in Mystic, Ct and they were perfection. The outside perfectly crispy and warm, soft pickles on the inside.

So when I saw the recipe on Pinterest, it was an immediate pin for me. And because of the ingredients list (beer), I was totally on board. Beer battered fried pickles are my kind of fried pickles.


Sorry, I forgot one egg in the picture.

Dill pickle chips, beer of your choice, flour, two eggs

I mixed the batter ingredients, as the instructions suggested. That part was pretty easy.


Then I just threw them in the batter. I made a pretty small batch because I’m home alone and there’s no one else to eat it with me. I dropped them all into the already hot oil.

1 minute on each side is suggested, then I flipped them after being burned repeatedly by hot oil. I have no idea how Auntie Fee does this so often without crying.

Once they’re done, I put them on a paper towel to dry off. And they’re done!


They recommend that you serve them with Ranch but Ranch and I have a bad relationship. No idea why but I hate it, along with my long list of other so-called “good” foods. I used Thousand Island because I like it and I thought it would taste better than blue cheese.


I took my first bite and let me tell you… there is absolutely nothing good behind this Pin. Gross.

The batter was soggy, unlike the ones I’ve tried. I suggest you get a new recipe if you want some good fried pickles. I’d rather eat a salad with Ranch.


Click here for the original recipe.


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