Bacon & Egg Toast Cups

I feel like all I do now is browse through Pinterest for the oddest recipes. It’s true, that is all I do. And when I came across this recipe, which was part of a “muffin tin treat” series, I thought it was perfect. I mean, it’s breakfast in a cup. Who doesn’t like breakfast food? Everyone loves some good bacon and eggs.

Except me.

Breakfast food is not for me in the least bit. I don’t know why, I just don’t like it (of course there’s an exception for potatoes, because come on… potatoes). And because of my dislike, I made a smaller version of this recipe. The original, from The Noshery, calls for 6 of each item, which will make six servings. I wasn’t planning on eating it so I only made one.


2015-01-29 12.57.55
Bacon, egg, bread

Three simple ingredients… super simple. The recipe calls for regular bacon but I don’t eat that so all I have is turkey bacon. Any bread can be used.



First, I had to put my bacon in the oven for 5-10 minutes to cook it a little. It looks so lonely all by itself and I can say it was a first to cook just one piece of bacon. It’s important that it isn’t cooked all the way because it still has to be pliable.

Using a regular knife, although I suppose you could use your hands, cut the crust off the bread and make it into a circle. I did an oval because I was feeling pretty rebellious that morning.  

Next, I just flattened it and squished it into the muffin tin as best I could. When you’re squishing it in there, the bottom becomes pretty thin and is easy to rip so be gentle with your bread.

This has to go into the oven again to be toasted. I’m not sure why we have to do this step only because it’s about to go into the oven again but maybe it’s to toast the bottom. Who knows.


Once it comes out with the bacon, just roll up the bacon and stick it right in there. The original recipe says if you are using regular bacon, make sure the meaty side is facing up. That’s why I don’t understand regular bacon… why is there a “meaty side,” shouldn’t the whole thing be meat? Oh my god, my worst nightmare is biting into a real piece of bacon and having the fat in my mouth.

Grab that egg and crack it inside! BUT if you are using regular bacon, it won’t be as tall as this so you’ll have to take out some egg white because it won’t all fit (another reason I’m on team turkey bacon).

I put it directly into my already hot oven. The original recipe says it should take 15-20 minutes but since the whole egg fit, it took about 25 for me.


And you’re done! Finished product. The whole time I was making this, I told myself that I would have a bite just because I made it but I couldn’t even force myself. Definitely not for me, but it looks good(?).

Overall, it was really easy and barely makes a mess. I assume this would be a big hit for breakfast lovers. You could probably even throw some cheese on it. Success behind this pin, especially if you’re a breakfast eater!

Click here for the original recipe


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