Nutella Cinnamon Rolls

As I was roaming around Pinterest most recently, I stumbled into a part in which I’ll never be able to return from. Once you’re there, you can’t leave and it’s dangerous. Yup, that’s right, I made the mistake of clicking on “Nutella recipes” and I was done. If you’re like me, Nutella is important and when you find out a better way to eat it that’s not off the spoon, you get excited. I pinned about 20 Nutella recipes alone. I went crazy. But no ragrets. IMG_20130822_103252

First of all, I must say that this is probably one of the greatest things I have ever tasted in my life. If you love Nutella then you’re in luck. Plus, it’s extremely easy and takes minimal effort. The recipe comes from Avery Cooks and it’s perfect.

It doesn’t call for many ingredients so chances are, you may have them all on hand. If your house is anything like mine, it’s fully stocked with obscure things that you’ll use maybe twice if you’re lucky.


Crescent rolls, cinnamon, and Nutella

The first step is to open up the crescent roll tube, which is my least favorite part because the “pop” scares me. I know it sounds ridiculous but I jump when the led on my mechanical pencil breaks mid-word.

 1024x768_bestfit_3               20150128_224441

I put aluminum foil down just so it was an easy clean up, I recommend doing this. When you roll out the dough, press down on the perforations to close the gap. Okay, this does’t even work.

Then, I started spreading the Nutella which is way harder than you would think because by this point, the dough is pretty warm so it just sticks to the knife and gets gross. The total prep time was supposed to take 5 minutes and I’m pretty sure I’ve already exceeded that by 10 minutes. Pathetic!

20150128_224842_2    20150128_224940_2

I obviously have no method to my madness, I just started spreading it wherever. Once all the Nutella is on, I sprinkles the cinnamon. I didn’t measure it, I just dumped it on (how scandalous of me).


Now it was time for the rolling process, which was fairly easy. It would have been easier if the dough wasn’t so warm and sticky but it’s all good, I got the job done.

You can see how sticky it was, but it wasn’t an issue.

20150128_225847_2       20150128_225901_2

I then cut the roll. I used a serrated knife like the directions said because it would prevent the ends from being squished down. I was skeptical but the method actually worked.

                                          Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 4.33.37 PM        20150128_230737


I bet you can’t even tell which ones are mine and which ones are from the original recipe… oh wait…

While those were in the oven, I made the vanilla glaze to go on top. It’s optional but I highly recommend it just because the Nutella alone is so rich. It’s super easy and should end up being the consistency of toothpaste. Some people like to make it more watery but then when you put it on the hot cinnamon buns it gets too runny. You decide!

Confectioners’ sugar, butter, and vanilla extract

When they came out of the oven, I immediately put the glaze on. You know what that means?


Done! That was actually so simple and when I say this is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, I really mean it. In total, I would say this project took me about 40 minutes. That’s realistic, especially because I’m not counting the full 20 minutes I spent checking every cabinet and drawer in my kitchen and garage for the Nutella only to find out my mom brought it to work. I had to go dig this out of a box from college (don’t worry, it wasn’t expired).

20150128_233313                             20150128_233458

If you plan on making this, I suggest making sure the dough is really cold before putting your hands on it. If I make this again I think I’ll throw some mashed bananas in there. Success behind this pin!

Click here for the original recipe


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