Well, it took me long enough but as of January 2015, I finally made myself a Pinterest account. I know, I’m behind on the trends but it always looked too confusing to me. Plus, all of the recipes, DIY projects, and hair tutorials always looked way too difficult for the average person to accomplish.

So, as I was scrolling through my new account, it dawned on me that whatever I chose to try in real life is probably not going to look like the picture. That’s when I realized that the same philosophy can probably be applied to almost everyone. Too many pins claim to be “quick and easy,” so I decided to give them a shot.

And as my first Pinterest recipe came out of the oven, I saw how correct my assumption was. No, it didn’t look like the glorious, mouthwatering picture I pinned. It barely wanted to come out of the pan, let alone my mouth.

Here I am, testing out these amazing ideas, originally posted by these amazing Martha Stewart’s of the world, with my average skills and extreme patience, only to share my experiences with you.

I hope you enjoy my mishaps and victories through the “perfect” world of Pinterest.


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